Customer Reviews

"I'm pretty jazzed about the fact that they have vegan pizza...and it isn't the vegan pizza that other places around Buffalo have. It isn't something that you have to order off-menu or alter. They actually seem to get it! I've tried the BBQ seitan pizza, which is my favorite, the white pizza which is also great (the balsamic!) and the Buffalo wing pizza, which I was a bit disappointed with."
Lauren M.
"Delicious pizza and great environment. I had the vegan pizza which was extremely tasty and a very reasonable price."
Devin C.
"Food is always fresh and hot on top of being delicious. They also get it here quicker than the majority of other restaurants in the area!"
Zach B.
"We had problems with our old go-to pizza joint in town. We had a menu from AP and decided we might as well try a new place. They are super nice and really try to be pleasant. The pizza is delicious with a super heavy (but not overbearing) crust. Do it!"
Samantha N.
"One of my favorite places for lunch in the city! Love the Chicken Finger Pie!"
Tony M.
"I eat here several times a week, have yet to order anything that isn't amazing. My opinion best thing on the menu is the BBQ-Chicken/Pineapple Pizza which is made either traditional or vegan."
Thom B.
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